Hails and welcome to the 5th edition of Black Metal Saturday! Today,  I  would like to share possibly the fastest list of bands/albums that I’ve ever made. Why fast? Well, it all started when I did my regular check on World Terror Committee’s releases, which triggered something in my browser and I was pointed at exactly where I intended to go. 

Normally, researching new (not necessarily 2016 releases) is time-consuming ’cause I try my best to filter the music I get my hands on and let in only the worthy names in here. Unlike my previous experiences, this time it was a piece of cake because I was literally overwhelmed by such an amazing pool of mind-blowing quality material that 10 selections was, well, totally not enough to list them all. 

Anyway, it’s time for underground black metal, the real deal, the essential dark matter that keeps this genre moving forward. As always, I am not gonna tell you which band/album is recommended to check out first since to me, all of these bands weigh equally because they are unique in their own way. So, make sure to go through the entire list and digest as much as possible. 

Note: If you are not well familiar with World Terror Committee, be sure to go deeper into their releases. All I can tell is that this record label is one of the best for occult/ritualistic black metal nowadays. Visit their homepage HERE.


Devathorn – Vritra | Follow


Darkestrah – Turan | Follow


Burial – Unholy Sedition | Follow


Germ – Escape | Follow


Schammasch – Triangle | Follow


Mistur – In Memoriam | Follow


Crown of Asteria – Karhun Vakat | Follow


Greytomb – A Perpetual Descent | Follow


Goetic Equivalent  – S/T 


Howls of Ebb – Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows | Follow