Welcome to the 10th edition of Black Metal Saturday! Today’s episode is special because we just turned 100 bands in this sequence alone! How cool is that? Let’s waste no more time and get to the real deal. Enjoy!

Sanctuaire – Le Sang sur l’Acier | Follow

If you have never followed the underground scene in Quebec closely, then please do! That place of the globe is a wellspring of exceptional music and in today’s installment, I will give you the 1st example to start with – Sanctuaire. This is a side project of the well-known multi-instrumentalist Monarque Helserkr (MonarqueDéliquescence) that explores the beautiful yet dark side of nature. “Le Sang sur l’Acier” is the band’s latest release, which is abundant of superb melodies and captivating atmosphere that will get a grip on you right at the beginning.


Urkaos – Rehearsal XI 

Urkaos is a Swedish one-man act that awakens the forces of chaos through his latest ritual “Rehearsal XI.” The experience out of this demo is tough to be described because it goes further beyond black metal as a musical genre. If you are interested in the occult side of extreme music, you will most certainly be seduced by it!


Draugur – By the Rays of His Golden Light | Follow

On the horizon rises up strong and mighty the newborn infernal creation Draugur whose debut album I instantly got into thanks to Naturmacht Productions. “By the Rays of His Golden Light” is a statement that promises outstanding quality and dedication to the black art. Excellent production, mood setting and instrumental work. Do not hesitate to check it out!


Zloslut – U Transu Sa Nepoznatim Siluetama | Follow

You will hear more often about Serbian black metal, I guarantee it! Bands like Zloslut are on a par or in some cases even outdoing popular black metal bands from the North! I was absolutely blown away by their latest album “U transu sa nepoznatim siluetama” that dives into occult themes exclusively. But that’s not what makes it an astounding piece of a blackened art, though. The musicianship in this one is so mature and well-rounded that you could actually think Zloslut has been around for a decade at least. For the record, they started it all back in 2011 and ruled ever since!


Taur-Im-Duinath – Randir | Follow

Randir” is a 2016 demo by Taur-Im-Duinath – a newborn one-man black metal band that derives from Italy. To me, the expression “attention to details” is a perfect reference to this record. Flawless production, engaging compositions and a promise for more epicness in the near future. Do listen to it!


Cult of Fire – Triumvirát | Follow

A masterpiece of true devotion to darkness! Cult of Fire is a highlight in the Czech underground that explores the furthermost depths of esoterism. Their debut album “Triumvirát” is a haunting and extremely disturbing rite that will bless you with ancient knowledge.


Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony | Follow

Ground-breaking debut album by Swedish band Hyperion! “Seraphical Euphony” is an enchanting, predatory and majestic form of melodic black/death metal that tears down the veils of mediocrity. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend this album to everybody who values the real art behind extreme music.


Vesterian – Anthems for the Coming War Age | Follow

Born initially as Centurion in 1994, the band’s name is later changed to Vesterian whose music has spread disturbance among the masses ever since. This band has released plenty of stuff already and I would like to point you at their debut full-length “Anthems for the Coming War Age.” It is a total bestiality of an album with crushing tremolo riffs and bewitching vocals that haul the listener into very depths. 


Lunar Womb – The Sleeping Green 

For the first time since I initiated this sequence, I decided to introduce a project like Lunar Womb, which is a huge exception due to its non-black metal nature. “The Sleeping Green” is a spellbinding ambient album that gets increasingly beautiful track by track. So atmospheric and deep that it could be described as cinematic music at its best. Take a break for a moment and listen to this masterpiece. 


Winterhorde – Maestro | Follow

We’ve come to an end once more but I’ve made sure to conclude this episode as EPIC as possible! Israel-based coven Winterhorde released an outstanding third full-length titled “Maestro” in less then a month ago. This is a multi-layered masterpiece of madness, crazy good instrumental work and a whole variety of singing techniques. I think this one deserves to be among the top 10 best melodic black metal albums of 2016! Listen to it and you will see for yourself why.