Today, I’d like to introduce a new section that will shake things up in this blog. As I struggle with time management due to a number of side activities, it has become challenging to manage SBM overall. However, it is part of my blood and I must respect it as much as that life force fuelling my body.

Thus, an idea popped in my mind about daily black metal updates by harnessing material that appeals to my taste from Youtube and share it with yourself. More importantly, these valuable features will be the ones that I missed out on for one reason or another. And they shall rightfully take their well reserved spot in this section.

All that will be accompanied with one – two lines of commentary including where you can buy the promoted album. Some of you might rejoice for that, others may not. Regardless, Beyond the depths will ensure the inclusion of 1 full-length per day, except for the weekends.

Moreover, I will add a Bandcamp link if applicable for all those among you who are more into it rather than Youtube streaming. So that’s basically it – a more streamlined and quick way to update this blog when I don’t have enough time to do blabber mouthing.

Anyway, behold Matron Thorn’s inhumanly imposing debut “Clandestine Sacrament” unleashed by Death Fetishist. One that I should have posted a long, long time ago…

Order CD | Debemur Morti Productions