I believe that metal communities are more united and stronger than the rest out there. The reason is because we are very passionate and dedicated not only to some type of music but an entire culture. Often misunderstood, metal societies hold up no matter what  because we support each other, we share similar visions and passionately stand behind them. That’s the way it is’s supposed to be, that’s fucking metal! In the same spirit I’d like to dedicate an article to two websites that have been a personal inspiration for a very long time. Here we go now..

Best Black Metal Albums

Best Black Metal Albums or often referred as BBMA is an online database with a sophisticated review/filter system that stores over 10 000 kickass records. Ranging from the most popular to some that you may not know of their existence at all. Over there you can search bands and albums by awards,  year, genre, countryrating etc. A massive source of quality music where you can surely find what you’re eager to listen to. It’s just a matter of taking some of your time and dig into the piles of albums that they have at your disposal.


Are radio stations old-fashioned nowadays? There’s no definite answer because this is up to every individual. However, I often turn to the good old radio where I occasionally  spot on some really good stuff and end up thinking that we should never forget this valuable source of music. Death.FM is my personal favorite and I thought I should recommend it to you (if you haven’t heard of it) or at least remind you. Behind this radio there is a passionate team of metalheads that make sure to update their database with newest albums  as often as possible. Death.FM has many features and the ones I like the most are “make a request” and “see what’s next or what’s been played”.  Not only can you discover new stuff by putting the radio on and listen to what’s being played at the moment but also check out the latest added items to the website. In other words, Death.FM is another incredible place for finding exceptional music. In order to be more comfortable for you, I’ve added a button to the main menu that will lead you directly to the radio. Now go hunting!