Today, I’ve got a small update to share along with another cool band that I hope you’ll dig as much as I did. So, first let’s get started with the update. I have added a new category to this website that will get updated very frequently. I introduce you “Band of the day.” 

The idea was born on Google+ where I occasionally post small updates under the title “Cover of the day” including cover artworks and music for streamng. This was running for quite a long time actually and I figured that many of the readers who regularly check for new articles, may have missed out on quality content that was published outside the zine. Therefore, I have decided to turn this into a new category renamed as “Band of the day” where I will feature bands and music in very briefly written articles but published often so that you’ll always have the opportunity to taste new underground stuff.

Speaking of new stuff, let me introduce you the first band of honor AornosAornos is a one-man driven force based in Hungary. The band was conceived in 2014 having under the belt one full-length and an EP both released a year later. Today, I got to know that band is going to release a new album called “Mors Sola”, which consists of 9 tracks, 4 of which available for listening below. Check them out and if you would like to get some more from Aornos, visit the following links.

Note: I could not find the release date of “Mors Sola”, so if interested in knowing when exactly the album is coming out, do ask Aornos on Facebook!

Facebook | Bandcamp | Youtube