They say people should appreciate the small things in life. Like feeling gratitude for your wellbeing and the like. Despite that I risk to be completely misunderstood with such a new age statement, I really mean it. Such an “insignificant” thing that made my day is due to a mere album called “Bûrgulu kû​-​ghâra” by Avathar.

If you are a long time SBM reader, you must know Avathar from an interview that I conducted a few years ago. Highly recommend giving it a shot! Anyway, these guys returned with a substantial material after over a decade since they unleashed their sophomore record.

And boy, it is a meaty one! “Bûrgulu kû​-​ghâra“, which is the band’s 3rd full-length captures the majestic universe of Tolkien’s evergreen legacy in 13 songs. That means a span of over 1 hour and 30 minutes that is quite the journey, to say the least.

When you lose yourself into an album, it instantly means that you are onto something valuable. Avathar built their latest work on a solid epic black metal foundation and expanded it into a fantastic experience like no other.

Bûrgulu kû​-​ghâra” is an essential album for breaking the ordinary chaos and busyness in life. It strikes with a profound and mesmerizing atmosphere that easily tells how much care, passion and dedication is put to make it happen.

It is a labour of strong understanding in musical composition and storytelling as a whole. The track list emanates vividness, thus becomes an immersive journey of pure wanderlust amidst fields of desolation.

Anyhow, let me draw the line here. This album is good! And if you happen to enjoy fantasy-related stuff in conjunction with metal, then “Bûrgulu kû​-​ghâra” is a must-have!

Note: As far as I know, there is no physical release, so you can only acquire the album in digital format on Bandcamp. Ask for more info the band themselves on Facebook or their label Gollum’s Treasures.

PS: SBM has been updated, by the way. I hope you enjoy your time here. Also, feel free to share what you think about the new look, functions and so forth.