Andrew (guitar/ clean vox) and James (bass/growls) founded As Autumn Calls in 2005 and dedicated this project to epic Dark Doom. After three years of songwriting they recorded their first album, An Autumn Departure, but never released it. 2009, the EP Emotionless followed and gained attention. After drummer Darren and a second guitarist, Brendan, joined As Autumn Calls, the band singed with German Label Naturmacht Production, released An Autumn Departure and set to write the second full-length album Cold, Black & Everlasting, released in October 2013 – and it definitely is that sort of record craving for a release date in October!

Cold, Black & Everlasting is the soundtrack to a bleak sunset in a winter forest, a frozen lake on a snowy clearance and bushes covered in snow, looking almost black in the weak yellow light complete the picture the music draws. It is the soundtrack that special silence that reigns in such places, a music full of darkness and cold in slow pace. The Canadians place very interesting emphases in their songs, particularly with acoustic guitars and Andrew’s clear vocals, creating a somewhat folky atmosphere. The lively and creative contrast provide the rather Doom Metal parts that are dominated by the deep, slow growls of bassist James; these parts also successfully prevent Cold, Black & Everlasting from becoming too folky. A certain dominance of the guitars can be asserted, but they are never too much in the foreground in all the songs that are about eight minutes in length on average. Sound quality is good, and I therefore can recommend Cold, Black & Everlasting to anyone who cannot wait until the first frosts return; until the days get short again and darkness slowly falls upon a grey heaven.

As Autumn Falls could at best be compared with Munich-based Abandoned Dreams, concerning profoundness, structure and emotion – but that has to remain a bold comparison, because both bands are highly individual and provide unique sounds. All in all, Black, Cold & Everlasting is an album that requires a very special mood – and once you’re in this mood, the Canadians get you straightaway!

 As Autumn Calls: Cold, Black & Everlasting
Naturmacht Productions/Rain Without End, release: 25.10.2013
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1. Haunted
2. Black Night Silent
3. These Doleful Shades
4. The Light Which No Longer Shines
5. Darkness Reflected
6. Darkness Confined
7. Darkness Everlasting

Total running time: 65:15