Once again, we’ve come to an end of the weekly cycle and we should reward ourselves appropriately. Music is the alternative food, the ultimate source of energy that charges our souls and makes us truly rich. In this installment, I will present a band whose latter album is one of the best instrumental works I have listened to in 2015!

Australasia is a phenomenal project led by multi-instrumentalist Gian Spalluto who is based in Italy. The band’s sophomore full-length is called “Notturno” – an exception to the strict rule of posting black metal stuff only.

Notturno” is a concept record that is inspired by the majesty of night. It paints a vivid picture of beautiful and dreamy landscapes lit by the moonlight. Seen from a different angle, Australasia has aimed to distract the listener from the miserable faith of the human race and points at an outlet towards equilibrium.

37 minutes distributed in 8 tracks is a therapy that aims to heal your wretched soul. The instrumental work is of subtle complexity blending Gian’s main interests in extreme metal as well as post-rock and shoegaze. There is no chaos in here. There is light, a glimmering of hope in the distance that could lead to a better existence. 

Notturno” is no regular album, in fact, I think it is healthy food for thought. It has all the ingredients to make you reflect on the direction your life is going to. Every once in a while, everybody needs such a little reminder that may bring us back on the right path. 

Now, let me sum it up why I love this album. Firstly, it is significantly different from what I normally listen to. Different meaning outstanding, unique by nature and very emotional. Secondly, I loved the the dreamy vibe embracing my soul gently. Thirdly, it made me think a lot on various topics and it led to positive outcomes. Fourthly, it moved me and got me to feel real good. 

Oh, I almost missed the production. Well, you know what? Check out the CD photo above and listen to the album. Make your own impression for I am way too much into “Notturno” that I won’t say anything different from perfect. Enjoy! 

Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings, release: 21.09.2015
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1. Nebula
2. Eden
3. Kern
4. Creature
5. Invisible
6. Haxo
7. Amnesia
8. Lumen
9. Notturno

Total running time: 37:00