In this article we plunge into the French underground where our guest-writer Ghosth meets Malcuidant for an informal chat about their musical background and other aspects related to black metal. A journey towards the past, present and future of Malcuidant. Special regards for the opportunity this interview to take place. Now lets get to know the band.

Greetings! Could you briefly present Malcuidant?

Malcuidant is a French band performing Art Sombre music. It is composed of Garrgl, Waldhorn, Azgrth et Ayrhomm, the founding member. We are currently working with Apparitia Recordings / Drakkar Production.

Could you talk about the two recent re-issues of your albums?

Our collaboration with Apparitia Recordings allowed us to reissue our first two albums as high quality digipacks. The first album ‘L’Hymne de la Ghilde’, which was first released in 2005, now comes with the first demo as a bonus. This demo had only been released in 1999 on tape. The second album ‘Et les Cieux s’Assombrirent’ self-released in 2011, is now out with a new complete line-up. The drums have been rerecorded to replace the drum machine and the sound has been remixed by Garrgl.

‘Et Les Cieux S’Assombrirent’ is your second full-length album and have you completely re-recorded this opus with real drums?

Malcuidant: The fact we now have a complete live line-up gave us the opportunity to rerecord the drums on this album, for the reissue on Apparitia. Garrgl worked hard to associate it with the rest of the elements already present on the album. And the result is really great.


Is this something that was important for you?

It was important first to introduce the new line-up and also to deliver a far more accomplished album thanks to the adding of real drums. The general atmosphere is darker and more powerful. It definitely suits the spirit of our music better.

Malcuidant’s name could sound very mysterious for some people. What is the meaning of this name and what is the concept behind your band, if there is any?

Malcuidant is a 14th century medieval word in old French. It was used in theatre and means “He who feeds bad thoughts”, and / or referred to the DevilOur texts are based on a chaotic and dark phantasmagorical world where nature reigns in total nihilism. The human being does not belong in this world of hate.

Malcuidant often appears to some festivals like “Nacht Der Dodens Schatten” in Germany. Is playing live something important for you? What could be expected from a Malcuidant show? Spikes, blood, dead animal sacrifices? How do you like to present Malcuidant on stage?

Today playing live is something important for the band. It is the best way to really feel the power of the music and leave this disgusting world to visit the awful lands of Malcuidant. On stage expect a straightforward show: no spikes, no blood, no sacrifice, no useless device… only us screaming our spite and anger, delivering our madness, hating this world of decadence.


Do you think that black metal has influenced your person and your way of thinking over the years? Can black metal be seen as a cult?

The Black Metal spirit is personal and can only be felt individually. Personally, music is the only important thing in this world. I am an actor and an active supporter of the Black Metal scene. I exhibit proudly and without fear being a member of this minority movement, regardless the way people perceive it.

What do you think about politics and religion? Do you think that black metal could be religious or carry some ideology?

Art has always been corrupted, either by religion or political ideology. Malcuidant rejects any kind of submission to any form of political, religious or ideological belief. We only are darkness and pure chaos. Everything and everyone has to disappear, without distinction.

Are there any bands that influenced Malcuidant in the past? If yes, could you name a few of them?

I have basic 90s Norwegian Black Metal influences. A few bands were able to create fantastic pieces of art. I am thinking about bands like Emperor, Mayhem, Burzum, Ulver, Windir, Kampfar…

France seems to be one of the leading countries in terms of black metal. Are you proud to be part of the French scene?

There are excellent bands in France. A productive and often better scene in quality than hundreds of other marketed pieces of shit. Let me drop a few bands that come to my mind: Celestia, Epheles, Nefastt, Mortifera, In Mortis Veritas, Astaarth… Malcuidant proudly belongs to this scene.

What do you think of the actual world? Are you happy to live in your country? Is there anything you would like to change?

I will try to make it short, because a lot of books could be written on this topic. Today’s world is decadent, despicable. Yes, on the one hand, I like France, its nature, food, beverage, mountains, forests; but on the other hand, I am always feeling more and more resentful towards the mediocre and hypocritical people filling its lands. The first thing to do would be to erase the cities from our landscapes, and let nature prevail anew.

Are there any new songs coming? Maybe a new album?

We are currently in the recording and composition process of the new album. It is not possible to give a date for its release yet, but we have started recording the drums. Still a lot of work to accomplish. You can have a foretaste of the forecoming album if you come and see us on stage.

The last words are yours..

Support the ” Art Sombre de France.” Malcuidant reigns!

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