Art is a complex fusion of emotions, different states of the mind and energy combined altogether. Its shades cannot be given a number as the human creativity is continuously evolving, searching and creating artistry. In today’s installment, I’ll introduce an enormously talented artist such as Luciana Nedelea from Romania. 

To breath life into the most offbeat, wicked and surreal ideas…

I discovered Luciana’s amazing work while digging up black metal art. Eventually, my curiosity led me to a side project of Saor’s mastermind called Fuath. It was hard for me to determine what was more exciting because both the music and the stunning winter landscape she painted evoke feelings beyond any descriptions…

This is how I decided to get myself more familiar with her artworks and select some of the most intriguing ones that captured my interest right away. Without further mumbling, I’ll let the her art speak for itself.

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Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 13Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 12Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 11Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 10Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 9Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 8Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 7Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 7Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 5Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 3Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 2Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 1Luciana Nedelea Artworks


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