Alright, the silence has been too overwhelming here and I think it’s about time to break it with a massive sledge-hammer! In today’s short installment, I’ll present for the first time German post-black metallers Anomalie. Although, I should have done that long time ago, I’ll try my best to make up for that by announcing the band’s third full-length “Visions.”

Anomalie is a young 3-piece alliance that hails from Austria. For the short span of their existence, these guys managed to put out 2 solid full-lengths, a single and now their 3rd opus “Visions” is due to come out. The talent of the musicians behind this name has been proven already considering that they have relations with other bands like Agrypnie, Harakiri for the Sky and Selbstentleibung.

Speaking of “Visions”, it serves a track list of 7 songs, one of which (“Vision IV: Illumination“) accompanied by a music video that you can check out below. The total duration is around 51 minutes expanding into a highly evocative journey. If you seek out truly breathtaking melodies, acoustic guitar arrangements and profound atmosphere in a black metal record, then you should bet on “Visions” that will blow your mind. 

Note: “Visions” is distributed by Art of Propaganda starting from 17 March. 

Facebook and Bandcamp 

Track list:

1. Vision I: Towards the Sun
2. Vision II: The Wanderer
3. Vision III: A Monument
4. Vision IV: Illumination
5. Vision V: Starless Nights
6. Vision VI: White Forest
7. Vision VII: One with the Soil



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