Today, I ain’t going easy on you! I think I’ve been too soft lately when it comes to musical selections and this time I’m gonna get you back to the furthermost corners of the depths. Let’s see if you are ready to embrace what Anima Damnata, Azarath and Devilpriest got for you.

Fun fact: All 3 bands originate from Poland. They are associated with a number of projects that are worth exploring, so please take your time. Also, they share members.

Anima Damnata

Oh, sweet and suffocating terrorism! Spreading like rapid fire and annihilating everything on its way. Leaving in its wake nothing but the screaming remnants of the gruesomest forms of death. What Anima Damnata have spilled out from their damned souls upon the masses can only be compared to violent sonic assault.

This is by all means among the most in-your-face dark and brutal shit you’ll ever listen to. The compositions stand out with technicality and sheer aggression beyond measure. Despite the intended chaos in the instrumentalship, there is a tight control over every aspect especially when it comes to “Nefarious Seed Grows to Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast“.

What fascinates me is how Anima Damnata smartly break up each composition through a variety of dynamic twists. Thus, the material is always unpredictable and especially keeps coming harder and harder. It was done to leave you breathless all the way through. Dare you take a try?

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I think it is kind of shame to have posted Azarath for the first time given that their work is of such an importance. Yeah, some of you will note that Inferno of Behemoth takes on the drumming, so that speaks on its own. However, I’m not pointing towards Azarath for their associations with whoever; it’s just about the bloody awesome quality from top to bottom that this band has proven over the years.

For this little presentation I’ve decided to go with their latest opus “In Extremis“, which pretty much sums up what steady growth feels like. No matter the years, Azarath make no compromises in releasing material that will hammer you down harder with each strike. Like Anima Damnata, their ways of unleashing brutality relies heavily on arrangements that incorporate exceptional technicality and inextinguishable hatred. It almost feels like these guys squeeze everything out of their instruments in order to pull out the most aggressive stuff out there.

In Extremis” is not only an excellent lesson in how to successfully marry black and death metal. Moreover, it is a strong remedy for mediocre music!



Although, it’s time to finish this off, allow me to do it with a final blow that will take you completely away. Devilpriest took me by surprise with their debut “Devil Inspired Chants“. This one packs 8 tracks paying an exclusive tribute to the 90s’ death/black metal, as the band members say themselves.

Like their mates above, Devilpriest waste no time in preparing the listener. “Devil Inspired Chants” cracks open with force and goes full blown outrageous from the very beginning. Each of the tracks have got a unique identity yet keeping a sense of unity throughout the entire span.

Similarly to the above titles, this material is highly abundant of outstanding technical performance, catchy riffs, hammering drumming and remorseless vocals. Devilpriest demonstrate power and confidence in their quest to bring back what the oldschool has given us all. And for me, they succeeded damn well!