Alright folks, it’s time to dig into July’s roundup featuring a small yet highly infectious breed of blackened material. It’s been a challenging task to narrow the suggestions down to 4 due to the lack of spare time on my hands, so without further due, let’s check them out.

Anhedonic – Metanoia [Free download]

Anhedonic is a newborn one-man act hailing from Oklahoma. The band’s mastermind Chase Funk describes his debut “Metanoia” as a mixture of unrelenting death metal imbued by shades of pure blackness. The EP itself consists of 4 rather short but bombastic tracks bursting with lots of drive and savagery. An ambitious debut that is leaning heavily towards the Northern black metal sound. Give it a shot below and download your free copy via the Bandcamp player.



Necandi Homines – Da’at


The sound of an absolute dissonance outbreaking with full force. A challenging yet rather rewarding array of poisonous tunes packed into one debut called “Da’at“. Delivered by a shady Italian cult bearing the name Necandi Homines whose ritualistic manifestations will take you on a short but insanely obscuring voyage to the furthermost corners of one’s mind. Disturbing chants, crushing heaviness and coldness in the form of slow-paced blackened doom can probably outline how this album feels like. Mind you, there is far more and the longer you plunge into the bottomless depths of  “Da’at“, the clearer a wretched picture will appear. 



Totalitarian – De Arte Tragoediae Divinae

De Arte Tragoediae Divinae - totalitarian

Totalitarian is an Italian collective of mysterious entities bound by one purpose – death worship. Their debut “De Arte Tragoediae Divinae” brings forth a massive wave of severity and blight that tear the realm of life in a single blow. Brutal at its very core, bitter yet sweet! This 5-piece track list will appeal to individuals who take a liking to blackened death metal with an inclination towards the occult’s sinister side. 



Project Grey – Aberrations

project grey - aberrations

Before I wrap things up, I’d like to introduce Project Grey and their follow-up EP titled “Aberrations.” You see, Bulgaria is not prolific when it comes to extreme metal at all. Many Bulgarians appear to be quite sceptic over the local scene, which in its turn builds up a sky-high barrier that prevents aspiring bands like this one to shine through. Despite their talent, effort and desire, mind you. Nevertheless, I’d like to pay homage to Project Grey’s great progress since “Dead Fragments“. In the span of a year or so, these two individuals managed to craft “Aberrations“, which presents 5 rather interesting tracks with a total of 33 minutes. 

With the intention to stay away from the masses, the duo compiled an avant-garde album wherein the main ingredient is black metal imbued by symphonic elements and deep atmosphere. Intricate and totally atypical, weirdly awesome and inspiring. Where “Aberrations” stands out is its multi-layered arrangements offering a rich experience that’s kind of rare these days, if you think about it. Overall, if you are into experimental stuff that can easily fall under the “out of the ordinary” category, both music and writing-wise, then “Aberrations” is a must-listen for you! 


That’s about it for now! Again, there is far more to cover than I am currently capable to, so I’d encourage you to join me on Twitter and Google+ for more short updates (which are not published in here). 


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