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Beware! Finland is on fire! With these words, I would like to start the first album recommendation after the long pause on this section with the only purpose of stressing that you are about to listen to some real badass stuff! Some of you who have downloaded the second installment of SBM’s sampler might have spotted their name in the list. Anyway, Angelscourge hail from Turku and their existence can be traced back to 2012 when they brought to this world their first ever demo “In the Realm of the Horned.”

After a long silence of three years, their debut album “Serapth Impaler” came to live via the renowned record label Werewolf Records, whose activity is currently on hold, by the way. I did say in the beginning that Finland is on fire because I am getting more and more conviced that this country is one of the best to start digging up new albums that maintain and/or push the limits and go beyond awesome. With that being said, as their firstborn full-length, Angelscourge have done an amazing job delivering a record that does not pop up with innovation but strengthens what we know as melodic black metal.

title themselves as satanic black metallers and that’s clearly visibile in their artwork as well as their lyrical theme. Most of evil, blasphemous and unholy atmosphere springs from the ravaging tracks that are firmly rooted in the blood-soaked soil that conceives nothing more than devilish outcomes.. When I first touched on their work, I was mostly captured by the way their compositions were done and structured. “Seraph Impaler” is an aggressive and very beautiful album. Although, I cannot say that it is stepping out of the comfort zone and experimenting with approaches that have never been tried before, it still has this magick in it that gets the listener right away and leaves him cleansed by infernal fires. I cannot stress enough how beautifully arranged the melodic structures are. Every once in a while, it might remind of black metal classics (no titles to be mentioned) and I can only take this as paying homage to the original state of the genre rather than something else.

A keen eye for detail and passion burning as Hell itself, this is what lies behind the production of this album. Angelscourge gave their best to shape their debut album in a perfectly polished condition. The sound quality is crystal clear and being able to enjoy every single instrument intensifies the enjoyment out of it. Needless to say, that these guys know how to play their cards and thus their sound is so mature and well rounded.  I said that this record is beautiful for a reason and it’s because of the major focus on the melodic side. Despite, sometimes “Seraph Impaler” gets so fast-paced that it will blow your mind up, the melodies on top of the satanic rage play a major role as balancing the darkness and beauty in it. 

“Seraph Impaler” may not be an innovator but a manifestation of what means to combine traditions, quality and devotion to the Devil in one highly recommended album that every connoisseur should add to his collection. 

AngelscourgeSeraph Impaler
Werewolf Records, release: 29.05.2015
Order CD: werwolf(at) | Soundcloud

1. Path to Lightless Dawn
2. Seraph Impaler
3. Beast of the Satanic Blood
4. Black Crystal Gardens
5. Nails of Evil
6. Verisellä ristillä

Total running time: 44:09


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