(Our guest-writer Nattramn shares his thoughts on Amiensus‘ album “Restoration”)

I’ve been listening to the metal genre my whole life. With time one’s personality is shaped as different preferences.The genre has become more than just a music, lifestyle maybe, a hollow of feelings and emotions. The last 3 years totally defined what I enjoy mostly by artists but I’ve also become more open to experiments within the genre. As for my first review i’ve picked one very interesting album released in 2012. Restoration by Amiensus, a progressive black metal band from the USA.

Since the whole album was such an enjoyment and no let downs for me because I didn’t expect anything, I won’t go as most people do it track by track and try to keep it short.

The mastering is done by Ken Sorceron (Abigail William’s frontman) and he did an amazing job. Every instrument is easily noticed, nothing is overpushed and listening to the production is ease. Every track delivers unique experience because of the approach they took when writing the material. They claim everyone tended to pass every instrument around and this hyped me the most. A bit of everything is present. From clean vocals to harsh growls, slow tempo guitars, aggressive riffs and progressive attempts which I greatly admire. Synths are highly noticeable and play as a nice background through the whole songs compared to other bands where they fade in and out at certain moments trying to sound much epic as possible. Also the female voices took me by surprise both on Morgawr and Thanatos.

It’s hard to give track highlights but the songs I mostly enjoy are – “Morgawr“, “I Am“, and “Millenium“.

At the end but not least important I want to thank all the members of the band who provided “Restoration” for free download via their bandcamp for the new year, thanks to that I was able to enjoy this amazing album and share these words with you!

Self-released, release: 01.01.2013
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1. Dawn of Release
2. Deeper than Blood
3. Become the Fear
4. Morgawr
5. I am
6. Millenium
7. Healer
8. Thanatos
9. Prometheus [bonus track]

Total running time: 46:19