Every once in a while I come across one-man bands and in the end I find myself asking the following question “How the hell could you pull out such a stunning piece of art on your own?!” I’m not gonna beat around the bush because today I’m gonna talk about Agael and his forthcoming album “Trost.”

Agael is a German project that was born in 2008 falling under the category of  black metal in a sophisticated form that incorporates elements of dark ambient, post/atmospheric and doom metal. The first ever release of the band is the full-length “Hybris.”

Hybris was originally released in 2009 and is the first release of this wonderful ambient black metal project. / Naturmacht Productions

Four years later a final date has been confirmed and fans of Agael may rejoice because “Trost” is coming sooner than you expect. The day is February the 25th and the physical edition is planned to be limited up to 300 copies.  It’s gonna be produced and distributed through Naturmacht Productions.  I have been honored to put my hands on it before the official release.

The cover artwork has been exceptionally well designed and nailed the nature of “Trost” all the way. Cosmic, mysterious and provoking to take the next step – diving into the core of the album. The opening track “Sternenklang” captured me with its beautiful dark ambience – a predule that turned into a voyage towards the deep space. I was truly inspired by the melodic approach and the effects such as distant sorrowful voices that echoed in the background as well as the delicate presence of the piano coming in and out.  993744_594201443978454_1936462991_n

Every following track I went through was just like staring at a breath taking sight. It calms you down and takes you away from the reality you know. Unlike the previous album, “Trost” took a slightly different direction on the sound as it is more melodic, chilling yet maintains the harshness of black metal in certain moments. What’s unique about it is the fact that it felt like a therapy that lets your mind free of all the mental garbage that you had collected before only to find yourself purified.

The production of the album is very decent leading to the bottom line: Agael has lived up to my expectation and even beyond, making me recommend this masterpiece to everybody who is passionate about atmospheric black / doom metal and ambient. Most importantly, I’d like to thank Naturmacht Productions for giving me an opportunity to not only review but also enjoy “Trost.”  You can order the album and follow the band on Facebook through the links below.

Agael – Trost
Naturmacht Productions, release: 25.02.2014
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1. Sternenklang
2. Staubherrscher
3. Weltenschrei
4. Ewige Heimkehr
5. Menschensohn
6. Zeitenwind
7. Trost
8. Nichtkonstanten

Total running time: 49:28