Oh, come on! Are you the next outlet going to give praise to one particular region. As if there are no other countries where you can find crazy amounts of mind-bending black metal mass..” I know you thought it! I myself did, especially having decided to deprecate my Scandinavian black metal series 3 years go. Anyway…

I, more than anybody else would agree that it’s pointless to emphasize so much on concrete parts of the world because what only matters is the music in the end of the day. However, I decided to make an exception with this post because the following bands that I selected are universally acclaimed as fundamental for the present underground black arts. Most importantly, I fucking agree, which is why I want them to be part of my tiny little corner of the internet.

Now, I did make an atypical choice to approach this post. Instead of focusing on my personal experience with each of these bands, I decided to select 5 user reviews on Bandcamp that align with my view. It’s up to you how you consider this choice, if it matters at all. The bands need no introduction, so let’s begin right with the important stuff!

Svartidauði – Revelations of the Red Sword

“This is a considerable improvement over “Flesh Cathedral”, and is a worthy entry into the debate of the best black metal album of 2018. Svartidauði has evolved beyond relying extensively on the aesthetics and song structures of a certain other foundational black metal band, and is now its own beast – confident, immensely talented, and with a distinct vision of atmospheric black metal.” – Ippocalyptica


Sinmara – Hvísl stjarnanna

“Hvísl Stjarnanna” is both beautiful and suffocating simultaneously. It’s melancholic and bleak, with fleeting moments of triumph and fond nostalgia. An absolutely essential black metal album.” – ainerhpozihcS


Wormlust – The Feral Wisdom

“Never heard something like this! It sounds like a cliché psychedelic band being on a bad drug trip in the ice fields of Iceland; it is unsettling and beautiful at the same time.” – Marcello Velasco


Rebirth of Nefast – Tabernaculum

“Everything about this album is awesome. The artwork itself is already something magical, but the ambiences and the atmospheres that are created here along with top notch Black Metal do complement and raise the bar to such high standards that it is hard to put in words. One of the best BM albums of the decade, in my humble opinion.” – Nuno Lourenço


Misþyrming – Algleymi

“I’ve listened to all the big black metal releases from this past week (Batushka, DsO) multiple times, and this is the one I keep coming back to. Algleymi is the clear victor of the three, even if the sales don’t reflect it. And that isn’t to say that the others are bad, far from it in fact. It’s more a testament to the strength of this release. Best black metal album of 2019 so far and a contender for one of the top black metal albums from this entire decade.” – Apokatastasis



Before I end this one, let me share one more reason why I included the above mentioned names and their respected albums. Although, all of these gained a plentiful of popularity, I never really gave them a proper respect here on SBM. Being consumed by daily activities outside this blog takes a great toll on this website…

Including the reluctant omitting of outstanding releases like these. Regardless, I highly encourage you to keep exploring the work of these artists beyond this installment. There are abundant riches out there! Don’t mistake on avoiding what they can offer.

PS: Special regards for the eloquent reviews of the users above. I couldn’t express myself better than that!