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I. Luciferia (Ende and Reverence) returns to SBM with a short list of 5 recommended albums that you should check out.

Darkthrone – Artic Thunder

I know, Darkthrone has stopped playing BM….Generally speaking, I don’t listen to the “new” period but this opus has something different, really great feeling, I definitely loved this album..!


Bölzer – Hero

I discovered Bölzer with their 2 first EPs. This debut album is the worthy successor. I appreciate this kind of wave, I hope they keep this good feeling.


Sorcier des Glaces – North

As you know, I love this band. I think they made something of strong with “North“, it’s cold, it’s dark, respect.


Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive

Right, totally unnecessary to present this band. I was perplexed about this new live album but after several listenings, I totally changed my advice. If the studio album is untouchable, magic, this live version is really special and it does a great honour to the original studio recording.


Hellewijt – Dodenwichelaereij

First release of Hellewijt, they have a big Norwegian feeling and bring all elements for a great result! I’m waiting for their next opus….



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