Tons of awesome albums and bands are waiting to be published here but unfortunately I am forced to present them slower than I really want. However, with the hope of making up for the silence, I have collected for you the art of an extremely talented individual from Belgium / Bulgaria named Deha. This guy has quite a bit of projects running and somehow they all have this kickass quality that will blow your mind up, leaving you asking yourself  the question “How is this possible?” Deha is a multi-instrumentalist and a person who demonstrates his abilities in various styles and the one that particularly caught my attention was his raw black metal act Merda Mundi. I have just discoreverd it and quite frankly, I am not deeply familiar with his works but judging by his second full-length “VI – Khaos”, I can say that it is a killing album. I strongly recommend you to check it out via the soundcloud player below and of course, you are welcome to get to know his other projects. 

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