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Lord of Pagathorn - Daimono Philia / support black metal
Lord of Pagathorn is one of those Finnish bands that seem to stay deeply in the shadows. Even though the band’s lifespan leads back to 1992 having a number of releases, they never really showed up under the spotlight. Frankly, I love that because it makes you work your way in order to find such a previous legacy as theirs. Anyway, 4 years after their debut “Nekros Philia“ came out, the trio returns with full force, meaning new year and a new album. It is very exciting for me toRead More
Korgonthurus - Vuohen siunaus

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Premiere: Korgonthurus – Vuohen siunaus

Everybody or at least the majority of the people on this planet hate mondays. We all know why but with this post I would love to change your mind this time. How about that?  Korgonthurus is a Finnish underground black metal band and if you are as obsessed as me, meaning listening to new music nearly every day, you probably know that name for a very long time. You also should know that it’s been around 7 years since their debut full-length “Marras” came from the shadows and then followedRead More

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Stream the new song of Korgonthurus – Kaaos

After the mindblowing show at Under The Black Sun 2015 where Korgonthurus taught a lesson in Finnish black metal, the band has come forth with some pretty exciting news. An official collaboration between this act of pitch-black and Woodcut Records has been inked for the 2nd full-length (the title is still unknown). It is expected to be out sometme this Autumn and there is already a sample for everybody to taste the bitterness of Korgonthurus‘ upcoming act of chaos. Make sure to follow them on Facebook as well as WoodcutRead More
Woodcut Records have unveiled the date of release of the debut album of Finnish black metallers Lord of Pagathorn. Their 12-piece work that is titled “Necros Philia” is coming in stock in October the 31st as Digi CD and LP Gatefold.  Order your copy at woodcut@saunalahti.fi. In the meantime, listen to “Chapter VI”  to get yourself warmed up. Note: Lord of Pagathorn have been active since 1992. Their discography includes three demos and an EP. Their vocalist and drummer Hellwind is also known for taking part in other kickass projectsRead More