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Recently, Eisenwald Records added to their Youtube channel  Krater’s brand new music video titled “Flammen im Vakuum.” It is taken from their latest release “Urere“, which you can listen to below the video player. German black metal outfit Krater has done it again! After five years of silence, the band’s 3rd full-length titled “Urere” is out there speading the misanthropic plague insidiously. Krater have proven their ability to write crushing tunes for the blackened souls and their new piece of magnificent yet terror-crowned masterpiece is a big leap further inRead More
Sometime ago, not sure when exactly, I shared on Google+ a track from German black metallers Krater who, in my opinion are most definitely worth to explore their possessing acts of blackness. So far, they have put out two pretty solid full-lengths (“Das Relikt des Triumphes” and “Nocebo”) and now they have announced a third one that is titled “Urere”, which continues to keep up the bestiality; a trademark for the band. Luckily, there is a track for you to listen to, so I recommend you to get prepared for aRead More