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Days before 2015 is over, I’ve invited UK-based atmospheric black metallers Hryre to join the “Bands recommend” series with their top five favorite albums of this year. This is the first out of two-part installment featuring vocalist and guitar player Rick Millington who has been kind to share his short list of underground black metal albums. If you haven’t heard of Hryre before, make sure to follow them on Facebook. Beware The Sword You Cannot See – A Forest of Stars An obvious choice for me and in some ways IRead More
Lychgate - An Antidote for the Glass Pill / support black metal
The rise of what is to become an omnipresent entity; of genious and consuming madness. Let me start with a foreword. This year has been exceptional because I have been honored to follow the development of a massive manifestation of evolvement and progress in what many old-fashioned folks claim that is “dead” for a long time. Black metal has reached another level of supremacy that is far beyond the surface and it transformed in what could serve as a source of invaluable knowledge and inspiration for people willing to loseRead More
Library of Hellfire Gods Productions have reported that they have released the second Forefather’s album – “The Fighting Man.” The album is on vinyl and it’s a good opportunity for HQ maniacs to have it and get as much as possible from it. Take into account that it is limited to 250 pieces. You can order it through the e-mail address below and also preview it through the bandcamp player below. Forefather is a viking/black metal originating from the UK and has existed since 1997.  They have 6 full-lengths upRead More