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Uada - Cult of a Dying Sun band / support black metal
I’ve just come to a fresh upload on Eisenwald’s official Youtube channel, which premieres a track from Uada’s upcoming new album. It’s been around 2 years in the making and “Cult of a Dying Sun” is finally set for an official release in late May. Other than that, there are no more particular details except for the fact that there will be a track list of 7 pieces and a slightly changed lineup; Brent Boutte from Helleborus steps in as the drummer and Edward Halpin of Sjukdom on the bass. Read More
uada - devoid of light
Let thyself be devoid of light Once I used to laugh out loud when somebody was putting US and black metal in one sentence. Once I used be a dumbass, too! The more I look for new music originating from that part of the globe, the more I understand how unaware I used to be concerning the American underground black metal community. For those of you who are begging to get enlightened by the absence of daylight, I will gladly introduce Oregon-based quartet Uada and their debut full-length “Devoid of Light.”  EisenwaldRead More