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When I started the whole SBM thing back in 2013, all I had in mind was black metal promotion. I didn’t have that vision of promoting visual art and other stuff related to the dark side of life. In time, however, things changed. I guess my vision has broadened and many ideas started flowing. For instance, artist interviews was among the first. How cool would be to get into the mind of an artist whose work decorates our favourite CDs? To see, understand and follow along the process of howRead More
The Great Old Ones - EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy
Update:  “EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy” is now available for full streaming below. Give it a go and show your support to The Great Old Ones! Two years after The Great Old Ones presented the phenomenal “Tekeli-Li”, the band shared a glimpse from their upcoming opus that will be spread for mass consumption in 2017. Deeply rooted in Lovecraftian themes, the new full-length titled “EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy” will continue to explore the vast landscapes of horrors offering 7 mystical storylines whose total duration is still unknown. However, asRead More
Akhlys - The Dreaming I

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Black Metal Cover Art series: II

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since I posted the first installment of “Black Metal Cover Art series.” Frankly, one of the many reasons to postpone the new episode of this art-dedicated sequence is because of how picky I am when it comes to visual design. To me, a successfully communicating artwork embodies creativity, broad-mindedness, brush mastery over level 99999 and originality. Many of my cover expeditions ended shortly after the beginning for I was overwhelmed by the same old shit: inverted images of guys wearing corpse paint,Read More

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Top 10 best black metal albums of 2014

(Valenten, the mastermind of Askrinn was generous to share with SBM his top 10 underground black metal albums plus samples for free streaming.) The Great Old Ones : Tekeli-Li This is one of my favorite albums from the year. I am a big Lovecraft fan and although using his works may for some sound cliché, I realized that few metal artists are actually focusing their musical universe around his work. However, The Great Old Ones successfully managed to recreate and even reinforce the mesmerizing atmosphere present in the books, withRead More
The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-Li / support black metal

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The Great Old Ones – Tekeli-Li

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”, said the one and only horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. This man has been an influence to many, particularly The Great Old Ones who have dedicated a musical sub-genre to his novels – “Lovecraftian black metal.” Wondering how Lovecraftian black metal would sound may not bring any definite answers unless you enter the transcendental world that  The Great Old Ones’ tunes emanate from. Their second full-length “Tekeli-Li” continues the obscure adventure,Read More