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Posted On November 28, 2014By LifeloverIn News

Premiere: Dysangelium – Thánatos Áskēsis

World Terror Committee have put up on their soundcloud a new hellfire-charged piece of blackened art from Dysangelium’s upcoming album “Thánatos Áskēsis.” The album is out on December the 24th but pre-order section is already live, so you can acquire it HERE. If by any chance you are not familiar with Dysangelium and their work, stop by on bandcamp and listen to their demo “Leviaxxis” HERE. Tracklist: 1. Consecrated by Light 2. Words Like Flames 3. Obelisk of the Sevencrowned Son 4. Chaomega 5. Aries 6. Gateways to Necromancy 7. Murmura 8. Ave Obscuritas Incarna 9. I Am the Witness,Read More