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There’s no better opportunity to express your support for a band than contributing for the creation of an album. To be more specific, the symphonic black metallers Bishop of Hexen need your help in order to be able to get their next haunting masterpiece out, which bears the title “A Thousand Shades of Slaughter.”  The final goal to reach this milestone is 5000$. You can see below what perks you can choose from as well as get a better understanding of the full story. Additionally, you can listen to aRead More
Nazgul Rising - Orietur in Tenebris Lux Tua / support black metal
Nazgul Rising is an aspiring Italian black metal coven who released their debut album “Orietur in Tenebris Lux Tua” in the end of May 2014. It was a long wait for this full-length to come , keeping in mind that the band was born back in 2002; “Demo-Niako” is their very first creation. Afterwards, two more demos followed until the grand arrival of “Orietur in Tenebris Lux”. As independed artists, Nazgul Rising have done an undisputedly great job with the preparation of their debut. The cover artwork is an eye-catcherRead More

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Quintessence Mystica – Duality

 A Ukrainian Epic After their well-received debut The 5th Harmonic of Death (2011) Kharkiv-based duo Quintessence Mystica (Master Alafern – all instruments/arrangements and Dromos Aligianos – vocals) just delivered their second album Duality a few days ago via German label Schwarzdorn Productions. Quintessence Mystica want to explore what is behind the borders of common sense and sanity, and thus Duality leaves the unstable ground of reality and ventures on into the fields of all those things our erudition negates … Regarding their music, nothing’s really new on Duality: Quintessence MysticaRead More
There is more darkness than light. More darkness than life. Being alive means nothing more than searching for the meaning of human existence. – Aeons Confer, “Signals” I cannot recall when exactly I discovered Aeons Confer but it was by accident. Their music video “ESP“ crossed my sight and after listening to it for the first time, I was certain that I had to share it with you guys on SBM’s social pages. But that was all back then. After a long while I got back to Aeons Confer with their CD “Symphonies ofRead More

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Totengeflüster – Vom Seelensterben

Lets face it, German folks have got it embeded in their DNA to make awesome black metal, pushing the boundaries all the time. I mean, you won’t be surprised if you see “stunning” and “german black metal” in the same sentence, will you? Countless bands to point at and among them is Totengeflüster – new generation symphonic black metal duo that strikes so strong from the beginning with their debut “Vom Seelensterben.” Totengeflüster is one of those bands that do everything on their own and they do know how to deliverRead More