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Posted On November 13, 2015By LifeloverIn News

Two years supporting black metal underground and counting

Two years past miracously fast and for such a short period of time, I can say that it was hell of a ride. This zine was born out of pure love for extreme music and it will live on as long as it is fueled by talented bands that I encounter on a daily basis. So, Happy Birthday to SBM and all the folks out there who throw an eye on it every once in a while!  In this article I would like to recap what happened for those twoRead More
support black metal - the beginning

Posted On January 23, 2014By LifeloverIn News

Support Black Metal – The beginning

Welcome to the official e-zine of Support Black Metal! Thank you for coming by and spending some of your time here with us. Below is an explanation of what SBM is all about in three chapters – essence, aim and black list. Thus, you will get a better understanding of who we are, what we want and why we do this. Ride on! CHAPTER I – ESSENCE SBM can be best described as a cause that stands behind one of the darkest genres in music. It is a foundation basedRead More