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Netherlands based war black metal coven Kaeck made their debut live performance at this years’ edition of the well-known Under The Black Sun festival in Germany. The band has unleashed a torrent of blasting sonic terror known as “Stormkult“, which I included in my retrospection in black for free streaming. This video was filmed during their performance of “Afgod” and then further edited by Jander Antunes. Kaeck features a lineup of members from the established Dutch bands Sammath, Kjeld as well as Standvast (Rödulv – session vocalist for UTBS). Update: 2nd videoRead More
This is the time of the year when most bloggers are writing possibly the most awaited and beneficial articles because they are (in most cases) a remarkable source of new and exciting albums. However, with this installment, I will not focus on the albums that I had the pleasure to write about, but just the opposite; I will share titles that I wish I had but for countless reasons I couldn’t acquire or find the time to recommend them all. Retrospection in black features 30 albums that are just aRead More