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Posted On February 29, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Alene Misantropi – Absence of Light

Alene Misantropi is an aspiring Spanish duo whose craft falls under the depressive black metal category. The band was conceived in 2014 and a year later “Absence of Light” –  a set of two confessions followed and outlined the band’s first ever mini album. In March 2016, Alene Misantropi is gonna pull out their debut album, which keeps the same title as their EP but expands the tracklist with 3 new songs that consume the listener into a still dimension of depressive illusions and overwhelming pessimism. Contrary to the menacing energies itRead More
Helde - Suaren Gerizpea / support black metal

Posted On December 30, 2015By LifeloverIn Albums, Oldschool/Traditional

Helde – Suaren Gerizpea

It’s not the first time I said that time is too short because if I could just have all the awesome albums that came out in 2015, I would have had to move out to a new and significantly bigger place than the one that I am currently writing these words in. I had to pick the last album to recommend for this year and it was tough… So fucking tough! Anyway, I had to do it special and I think you’ll appreciate it because this installment is dedicated toRead More
Fathomhell - KvrX / support black metal

Posted On February 13, 2015By LifeloverIn Albums, Symphonic/Melodic

Fathomhell – KvrX

To be honest, Spain is not one of the countries where I begin seeking for fresh blood. A bad habit or just got used to be primarily focused on the Northern scene and follow closely how things are developing there, I almost missed out on records like this one, which is kinda of a shame. Fathomhell is an incarnation of a massive anti-human assault that is meant to wipe off the living of the face of earth. In 2014, they released their second EP titled “KvrX”; a three-pieces album, oneRead More

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New devastating album by Wrong coming in April

A year later after releasing “Memories of Sorrow”, Spanish bringers of desolation Wrong have come back charged with more negativity than ever to continue their legacy in destruction. In April the 22nd their new album “Pessimistic Outcomes” is seeing the light of the day and it is released through Xtreem music. The album’s concept is about a world consumed by ashes, where despair, pessimism and hatred govern mankind; condemned to exist in misfortune, wandering desolate landscapes, gradually weakening until breath leaves them. “Pessimistic Outcomes” is an authentic experience that we recommend toRead More
Profundis Tenebrarum - Apocalypchrist / support black metal
We’ve all seen in the movies/books/music albums various concepts illustrating the Earth almost perished – unearthly creatures invading, catastrophic disasters, warfares and many others. What brings them together is that there is always a happy end; a triumph of the light over the dark. However, “a coin is two-sided” meaning that there is an opposite concurence of circumstances. With that being said, I am gonna dive into the timeless void of anguish where Profundis Tenebrarum drew their inspiration from and  forged the pestilential Apocalypchrist – a muSICal epitome of the grandRead More

Posted On February 24, 2014By LifeloverIn Albums, Oldschool/Traditional

Nekrypteia – Αέναον Κλέος

First impression is very important no matter what we talk about. In this sense I am refering to cover artworks and their quality. In most occasions you can guess what to expect in terms of music even before listening. It might sound weird but after a number of examples, it is pretty much proven. The first thought that popped up in my mind when I saw the cover artwork of Αέναον Κλέος  was telling something like “Damn, this should be good!” But first comes first. Nekrypteia originates from Spain, Madrid, thoughRead More
I have carried out an “expedition” in search of precious winter treasures and unexpectedly found one, buried deep down beneath the ice. A gem full of power growing since 2006. A single that confirmed my expectations of a real happy new year. Frozen Dawn‘s “The Everlasting Confinement” is what you might need to warm your soul with in the cold winter nights. Incredibly well-crafted, with a mind-blowing quality and melodies that could make you break off your replay button, is the least I can share with you. Listen to “CirclesRead More