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Posted On January 30, 2016By LifeloverIn News

SBM back on track

After over a week of major changes all related to my relocation, I am finally able to get back a little more active than before. In spite of all the things I need to deal with right now, I am gonna publish contents as much as possible and keep the flame burning as always! I also decided to use this moment to share some of the upcoming stuff on SBM zine. Currently, I am expecting 3 interviews, 1 of which is featuring a renowned records label owner who is activelyRead More

Posted On December 25, 2015By LifeloverIn News

A short SBM statement for the dedicated followers

Dear SBM followers, the end of 2015 is drawing near and I decided to publish a special thought-provoking article that I hope will give you some brain food. This is the time when people should spend some quality time reflecting on what went good/bad, what could have been better and set new milestones for the upcoming 2016. During the course of the past 12 months, there have been quite a bit of challenges that made SBM’s development slower than it is supposed to be. However, as a passionate person, noRead More

Posted On September 5, 2015By LifeloverIn Compilation

SBM sampler vol. 2 unleashed

I am very excited to present you the second volume of Support Black Metal’s sampler! What you can find in this brand new installment is some superb underground black metal bands from around the globe offering amazing and various experiences. This time, the sampler has been uploaded in three versions: complete, part 1 and part 2. In case your connection is slow, you are welcome to download it part by part. Read no more and get your hands on this pure gem now! Read More

Posted On June 2, 2014By LifeloverIn News

SBM Promo T-shirts Available For Purchasing

I am very proud to announce that the first SBM t-shirt design is officially available for purchasing on our online store. You can customize the size according to your measurements (if in doubt, there is a size chart) as well as choose your color of preference. Now let me elaborate what this design is about and its core idea. Update: US customers can order directly via Men’s t-shirt Women’s t-shirt Design The idea behind the design is obvious – black fucking metal. I started out with a clear ideaRead More