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Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 13

Posted On October 28, 2016By LifeloverIn Artwork, News

Check out the art of Luciana Nedelea

Art is a complex fusion of emotions, different states of the mind and energy combined altogether. Its shades cannot be given a number as the human creativity is continuously evolving, searching and creating artistry. In today’s installment, I’ll introduce an enormously talented artist such as Luciana Nedelea from Romania.  To breath life into the most offbeat, wicked and surreal ideas… I discovered Luciana’s amazing work while digging up black metal art. Eventually, my curiosity led me to a side project of Saor’s mastermind called Fuath. It was hard for me to determineRead More

Posted On January 12, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Fuath – I

Andy Marshall who is best known for his atmospheric folk/black metal band Saor, has expanded his list of musical projects by adding one more that will surely get you in a very good mood! This gentleman has proven once more his enormous talent by conceiving what I could define as “winter’s magic in stereo” or  simply put Fuath. Here is a short background info of the project: I am a massive fan of hypnotic atmospheric black metal, especially early 90’s stuff like Burzum’sHvis lyset tar oss, early Darkthrone, and also modern bands such as PaysageRead More

Posted On December 19, 2014By LifeloverIn News

Top 10 best black metal albums of 2014

(Valenten, the mastermind of Askrinn was generous to share with SBM his top 10 underground black metal albums plus samples for free streaming.) The Great Old Ones : Tekeli-Li This is one of my favorite albums from the year. I am a big Lovecraft fan and although using his works may for some sound cliché, I realized that few metal artists are actually focusing their musical universe around his work. However, The Great Old Ones successfully managed to recreate and even reinforce the mesmerizing atmosphere present in the books, withRead More