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De Arte Tragoediae Divinae - totalitarian
Alright folks, it’s time to dig into July’s roundup featuring a small yet highly infectious breed of blackened material. It’s been a challenging task to narrow the suggestions down to 4 due to the lack of spare time on my hands, so without further due, let’s check them out. Anhedonic – Metanoia [Free download] Anhedonic is a newborn one-man act hailing from Oklahoma. The band’s mastermind Chase Funk describes his debut “Metanoia” as a mixture of unrelenting death metal imbued by shades of pure blackness. The EP itself consists ofRead More
Project Grey - Dead Fragments logo
1. Let’s start off by introducing yourselves and Project Grey. Could you share a few words about the band’s background? Mr. Grey and Toheras, we are the guys that stay behind all of this. Project Grey is a studio black metal project from Haskovo, Bulgaria. We’ve known each other for a couple of years and we’re very good friends. The actual idea for this project was mine (Mr. Grey) and it was being in my head for quite a long time… maybe 10 years or something like that. Back in theRead More
Support Black Metal sampler vol. 3
It’s official! Support Black Metal Sampler Vol. 3 is out! After a long and steady work on this project, I am very excited to finally let you know that you can download this package of exceptional underground black metal for free. Unlike the previous edition, you can check out an exclusive preview below. Support Black Metal Sampler Vol. 3 contains 25 tracks featuring bands from all around the globe. Furthermore, if you feel like you want to support the bands that you’ve liked, please have a look at the “Buy albums” section.Read More
underground bulgarian black metal: invidia - deep into moonlight
Third episode of the Bulgarian Black Metal sequence is finally here! My aim is to focus your attention to worthy bands that originate from a very unpopular destination such as Bulgaria. A country that mass media does not cover as much as it deserves. Anyways, before starting off, if you have missed out on the 1st and the 2nd episodes of the series, please follow the links below. Episode 1 | Episode 2 Sources of I Sources of I is kind of a newborn band that was conceived back in 2014.Read More