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Posted On February 4, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Occultum – Towards Eternal Chaos

Under the banners of Old Temple, a new oldschool opus is rising from the nether dimensions. Born from the ashes of Amarok, Polish hell beast Occultum has risen up in the menacing skies and spread its worn out demonic wings over the world; a day that will be remembered as the beginning of a life “Towards Eternal Chaos.” This dirty, raw and primitive sounding record introduces 7 tracks in the vein of blasphemous black metal that I am quite sure will appeal to fans of the early classics. So far, youRead More

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An Interview with Eryk of Old Temple

In this brand new installment SBM presents Polish undeground record label Old Temple and its mastermind Eryk. In between the answers there is music available for streaming, which is produced by this institution, so make sure to check it out, as well. Hello Eryk! Thanks for spending some of your time to answer my short list of questions. How are you doing nowadays? Hi. I think it’s I who should thank you for the opportunity to present in interview . Thank you, I’m not complaining, all good with health. LiverRead More
Cień - Ecce Homo / support black metal

Posted On November 15, 2015By LifeloverIn Albums, Melancholic/Depressive

Cień – Ecce Homo

The season of the dead known as Winter is on the way to take over and the opressive greyness is about to consume the light, the colors and turn all this into depressive silence. Drawing a picture with such words would not be enough but fortunately, I have found the perfect black metal album that can do it instead of me. Cień (means “shadow” in Polish) might be familiar to some of you because they are part of SBM sampler vol. 2 (check it out HERE). The moment I found aboutRead More