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Cwealm - Odes to No Hereafter

Posted On September 30, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Cwealm – Odes to No Hereafter

Cwealm is a newborn Swedish melodic black metal act that I hinted of recently. Under the heavy influence of its ancestors, the band took the best out of the glorious past to create the astounding debut “Odes to No Hereafter.”  In the span of 41 minutes distributed in 9 tracks, you will get to experience a refreshing synthesis of aggressiveness and enchanting melodies that will get a hold on you for long. The balance between each component and the superior eye to details makes “Odes to No Hereafter” a worthwhile album to dive into. But that’sRead More
Mortualia - Wild, Wild Misery

Posted On September 22, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Withdrawn into a wild, wild misery

It’s been so quiet in here that one could think I silently departed into the wild, wild misery. Rest assured though, I am here and working hard in order to make this page even better than before. Plenty of things piled up while I was “gone”, including a number of new albums coming, CD reviews, premieres and so on.  Before getting started with upcoming stuff, I am super excited to announce two big milestones that I achieved in my so-called “underground promotion career.” Firstly, Support Black Metal has become an official Google+ Create member andRead More