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Posted On September 11, 2015By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Nordjevel – Nordjevel

Norwegian black metal is often related to controversy due to the past obscure deeds of its fathers making it a synonym of extreme violence. That, however is just on the surface and with this installment, I would like to take you deeper down to the core of this genre in order to see its true colors. I recently stumbled upon Nordjevel’s cover artwork, which I find somewhat cool and provoking to explore what’s behind it. To my surprise, this act features Marduk’s current drummer F.Widigs, Nord who is known for hisRead More

Posted On May 19, 2014By NekristIn Albums, Pagan/Epic

Gandreid – Nordens Skalder

Forever we’ll be reigning in this kingdom of timelessness Gandreid was born in 2011 as a studio project of Dáublódir, a musician from Bergen who first reached my attention through Skygge. After he “dug up and blew some dust off” old ideas from somewhen between 1999 and 2002, he recorded Gandreids first album Nordens Skalder – and both name and album title give you a very good idea of what’s to come: “Gandreid” is Norwegian for the Wild Hunt, “Skalder” are poets who composed at Norwegian and Icelandic courts inRead More
This is how it’s done in Norway! Saturday night, 1.600 kilometres away from home in Stavanger, the Folken student’s club opened its gates for a really great black metal lineup: Gehenna, Taake and 1349 were to play on the Hostile Terrortory Festival, that had unfortunately been cancelled due to almost no tickets sold. From Hell Gehenna entered the stage at 21.15h and delivered their dark and melodic sound to an eager waiting black metal audience. The rather slow riffs, the low, grim growls and ghostly screams, the absence of keyboardsRead More