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Light of the Morning Star - Nocta
Holidays are over now and your daily routine has most likely taken over but don’t despair! Instead, allow me to introduce you a small yet exciting batch of 3 albums featuring Light of The Morning Star, Laster and Praecognitvm. Let’s get into the good stuff!  Light of the Morning Star – Nocta One of the first appearances of Light of the Morning Star on this blog was when I published the 3rd edition of SBM sampler. It didn’t take long for the band to announce the grand arrival of hisRead More
Support Black Metal sampler vol. 3
It’s official! Support Black Metal Sampler Vol. 3 is out! After a long and steady work on this project, I am very excited to finally let you know that you can download this package of exceptional underground black metal for free. Unlike the previous edition, you can check out an exclusive preview below. Support Black Metal Sampler Vol. 3 contains 25 tracks featuring bands from all around the globe. Furthermore, if you feel like you want to support the bands that you’ve liked, please have a look at the “Buy albums” section.Read More
light of the morning star - cemetery glow
Behind the mysticism of the Cemetery Glow I’ve been getting lots and lots of promo materials from Iron Bonehead Productions lately and time, being such a nasty bitch has prevented me from checking every single one of them in peace. However, while trying to find the balance in between everyday chaos and freedom to relax, I somehow managed to get my hands on a never heard before act such as Light Of The Morning Star. For an uncertain reason, though, when I glanced at the cover artwork, I thought I would hearRead More