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Posted On March 26, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Lathspell – Torn Cold Void

Lathspell have finally come forth with a great piece of news from the studio where they were recording yet another epic album. Their 5th full-length is titled “Torn Cold Void” and it promises an exceptional quality Finnish underground black metal that will get a hold on you right upon playing the preview track. Unlike their latter record, this one will be a little shorter on the tracklist including 4 songs that clock at approximately 41 minutes. Wolfspell records and Patologian Laboratorio Productions will be the main distributors where you can order aRead More
Winter is upon us all and if there is one band that I instantly feel like it portrays its severe beauty through their frostbitten sound, it would be Finnish act Lathspell and their blackened incantations. How have you been guys? It’s all good, after several years of hibernation we have now activated again. The new album is nearly finished and we are looking forward to playing a few live shows during the coming spring. Let me start off by asking you what exactly your band name refers to and does itRead More

Posted On December 25, 2014By LifeloverIn News

Top 20 black metal bands of 2014 that you should know

I’ve been itching to write an article of this type for ages and since this is SBM’s first yearly summary, I could not help myself but share this sweet list of top 20 black metal bands of 2014 that in my opinion you should know. Although, it was tough to limit myself to a bunch of examples, I tried my best to give you names that resolve around (almost) every sub-division of this genre, so that there’s something for every connoisseur of fine quality darkened art. No more talking, let’s listenRead More