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Posted On April 16, 2016By LifeloverIn Black Metal Saturday, News

Black Metal Saturday: The Beginning

Black Metal Saturday: Your Massive Weekend Dose of Underground Blackness What’s up, folks? It’s been a while since you heard from me the last time and the reason behind that is my day job. Anyway, for the time I was far away from SBM, I had plenty of moments to reckon on how to balance my work life and my passion for spreading underground black metal and guess what? I got struck by a super non-innovative idea for a new weekend series that is meant to satisfy your everlasting thirst ofRead More
As promised in the first part of “Hryre recommends”, guitarist Nathan Patchett has collected and brought to your attention a small batch of favorite albums that were released in 2015. See them below. Myrkur- M This lady has had a lot of hate directed towards her and its absolutely appalling! There have been a lot of people complaining that this isn’t “true” black metal but what is “true” black metal anyway? If it sounds good then it’s good. This album captivated me from the first listen and is one ofRead More