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Posted On December 31, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

SBM’s List of Top Record Labels in 2016

I’ve been hearing contradictory opinions on whether 2016 was a fruitful year as to black metal and its sub-genres. My personal expectations however were met and I am beyond satisfied for all the goodies that came to my door. Apart from the ever growing tireless community of artists that are bursting with creativity, there are record labels whose work has left a major legacy for all of us, the connoisseurs of the blackened art. With this installment, I’ll present a short list of 5 record labels that did a remarkable job thisRead More
light of the morning star - cemetery glow
Behind the mysticism of the Cemetery Glow I’ve been getting lots and lots of promo materials from Iron Bonehead Productions lately and time, being such a nasty bitch has prevented me from checking every single one of them in peace. However, while trying to find the balance in between everyday chaos and freedom to relax, I somehow managed to get my hands on a never heard before act such as Light Of The Morning Star. For an uncertain reason, though, when I glanced at the cover artwork, I thought I would hearRead More