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Posted On October 14, 2014By LifeloverIn News

Premiere: Perdition Winds – Aura of Suffering

Inverse Records posted some good news regarding the debut album of Finnish black metallers Perdition Winds. Here are a couple of tracks from their upcoming opus “Aura of Suffering” to listen to plus some background info: “Perdition Winds was established in 2009, hailing from south of Finland. Delivering raw, minimal and cold Black Metal with scorn! No fancy dresses,no professionalism, no futile gimmicks. Only pure Black Metal! Band´s debut, “s/t” EP, was released in 2012 and now we are ready to unleash our first LP upon worldwide underground.” LP release date:  31.10.2014Read More

Posted On August 24, 2014By LifeloverIn News

Wömit Angel to release Holy Goatse

Perversion, Satan and lust – the three main keywords to outline the coming album of Finnish trio Wömit Angel – “Holy Goatse”. You can expect straightforward black/punk sound that resembles to another well-known band from Finland – Impaled Nazarene, as well as some Carpathian Forest and Motörhead  feel. The album is gonna be released on September the 12th (Finland) and October the 3rd (for the rest countries) through Inverse Records. You can taste “Holy Goatse” and also get familiar with the tracklist below.    Tracklist: 1. Serpens Cauda 2. Skin ‘n’ FuckRead More