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hukutus - Metsä ja yö
Hukutus is a Finnish black metal band that I’ve featured a few times already, including an exclusive interview. Ever since I discovered their work, I’ve become very attracted to it as it demonstrates maturity and willingness to push creative boundaries in the quest of establishing a unique presence in the obscure underground. Today, I have the pleasure of presenting a new chapter that goes the extra mile proving these guys to be a hungry, motivated and very talented fellowship that has a bright future waiting ahead. In this sense, allow me toRead More
hukutus nadiirit; interview
Today, I have the pleasure of sharing a conversation with Aoghori, the vocalist of “transmutating extreme metal” act Hukutus. Hello guys! Let’s kick off this interview by introducing Hukutus and the meaning of your band name. Hi there! Hukutus means the act of drowning in Finnish, a forced act, I might add. It’s not really specific what is being drowned and into what, I like that. It could be happening within one’s subconscious or it could be just a brutal act of baptism. It’s also a good introduction to what we’re aboutRead More
hukutus nadiirit; interview

Posted On November 29, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Check out the new single of Finland’s Hukutus

In my “humble” experience with Finnish bands, I’ve almost always been impressed by the immense talent that springs in there. Case in point – Hukutus – a 5-piece underground band by all means, which has recently brought forth a single titled “Nadiirit.”  Hukutus was formed in 2011 and all the members have a long history in other groups, such as Medeia, My Fate, Ghost Voyage and The Cloudycators. Through an extensive honing process we were able to create a raw and organic soundscape for Hukutus, and as a product of thatRead More