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Hryre - From Mortality to Infinity

Posted On August 31, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Coming up: Hryre – From Mortality to Infinity

Lately, I’ve been caught up between a number of duties, which prevented me posting more stuff from the infinite space of black metal. Anyway, for starters, I have a handful of words to share regarding British coven Hryre whom you might remember from their album recommendations. Update: “From Mortality to Infinity” is now available for free streaming on Bandcamp. Check it out below. After over 2 years since the release of “Deaþ Þurhfaran Eftboren – Heretéam fram Anweald“, the band has come forth with a big announcement  – new albumRead More
As promised in the first part of “Hryre recommends”, guitarist Nathan Patchett has collected and brought to your attention a small batch of favorite albums that were released in 2015. See them below. Myrkur- M This lady has had a lot of hate directed towards her and its absolutely appalling! There have been a lot of people complaining that this isn’t “true” black metal but what is “true” black metal anyway? If it sounds good then it’s good. This album captivated me from the first listen and is one ofRead More
Days before 2015 is over, I’ve invited UK-based atmospheric black metallers Hryre to join the “Bands recommend” series with their top five favorite albums of this year. This is the first out of two-part installment featuring vocalist and guitar player Rick Millington who has been kind to share his short list of underground black metal albums. If you haven’t heard of Hryre before, make sure to follow them on Facebook. Beware The Sword You Cannot See – A Forest of Stars An obvious choice for me and in some ways IRead More
I hope you are ready for the new series of From the depths because we are going deeper into the underground where we meet three bands that are very distinctive from each other. This time instead of traveling to a single country, we are visiting three, so  get your headphones ready and buckle up for a darker trip.  Temple of Oblivion Our first destination is Germany. I’m very excited to introduce you Temple of Oblivion. This act has been present since 2006, one full-length released by now and lots of potentialRead More

Posted On April 18, 2014By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Hryre: A promising newborn black metal act

Everytime I stumble upon an underground/newborn black metal act that kicks major ass is considered a lucky day. Today is such a day because I finally heard new & impressive stuff from the UK. To be honest it’s been a while and as one would say “it was about time!” Hryre declared their existence in early 2013. The band is represented by Rick Millington – vocals, guitar and bass, Nathan Patchett – guitar & bass, Gareth Hodgson – drums and Michael Blenkarn – keyboards (guest appearance). Yesterday the band announced their official Facebook pageRead More