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Entartung - Baptized Into the Faith of Lust
I guess it is too early to say that 2017’s harvest will be fruitful but judging by the recently announced albums I fear not to state it. While I was busy working on my day job for the past days, I received in my email box a few emails containing material that is highly magnetic (to say the least). Without further due, let’s jump into the good stuff! Consummation – Ritual Severance With the ever growing pool of badassery that is springing in Iceland as of lately, I won’t be surprised ifRead More
Mord'A'Stigmata - Hope / cover artwork
It’s about time that you get another peek at what 2017 holds! Mord’A’Stigmata, a Polish ritualistic/ avant-garde black metal band have released an official statement about their 4th upcoming album named “Hope.” Pagan Records is taking care of distributing the record starting from 17th February. The new opus is gonna be available on CD, LP and digital format.  “Hope” includes a short track list of 4 songs, which you can see below. Here is how the main creative force Static describes the essence of the whole package: As usual, weRead More