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Blutrache issue 9

Posted On December 5, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

SBM featured on Blutrache’s 9th edition

There are countless magazines out there that claim to support metal but few are the ones, which pay homage to the underground. One of them is the Hellenic black metal publisher Blutrache whose work has featured a wide range of intriguing bands in extensive interviews and reviews. The 9th issue came forth on 27 November and I was honoured to have been mentioned on page 6.  Blutrache is absolutely recommended for fans who seek bands beyond the overly-saturated mainstream current. In this particular issue, you will find interviews with bands suchRead More
Today is a day that deserves a feast under ceremonial sounds because half a year later, the new From the depths installment is here! Putting aside the “dramatic” beginning of this article, I have prepared for you three special bands that originate from Sweden; one of the best places to look for quality black metal stuff. Let’s start with the first one! Grá I did say that these three selections are special for a reason. And that’s because Heljarmadr is the man behind the vocals in all of them. Grá (mixture of IslandicRead More