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Interview with Gespenst / support black metal

Posted On November 13, 2016By LifeloverIn News

Of spiritual and physical decay: An interview with Gespenst

Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting a bunch of questions to the Danish black metal act Gespenst. Not so long ago, I’ve featured them in our new Scandinavian bm series along with a few more bands all located in Denmark. 1. Hello guys! Let’s kick this chat off with a brief introduction of your band. Tell us when and under what circumstances you decided to form Gespenst? The band was founded by Genfærd around 2008. It started out as a one man band focused on writing slow depressive blackRead More
Scandinavian black metal - Denmark; Gespenst

Posted On October 21, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Scandinavian black metal: Denmark

I don’t really remember when exactly I got that passion for black arts but it all started in Bulgaria. Long story short, I dedicated a brief series to the Bulgarian black metal underground a while ago because I could not be more thankful for this amazing gift I’ve been granted with. At a later stage in my life, I lived for many years in Scandinavia where my interest for the Nordic culture & art evolved to such a high degree that my inspiration led me to creating this website. All hailRead More