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Posted On November 26, 2015By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Hoaxbane – Messenger of Change

Hoaxbane is a newborn black metal duo that originates from Germany and they are literally on the verge to release their new album. November the 27th is the date that the “Messenger of Change” will rise from the depths and reveal the true light to those who have been blinded by the false faith. Prior to the official release, Hoaxbane had published two video premieres, which you can check out below; you are strongly advised to turn up the volume as much as possible! Expect a tracklist of 9 infernalRead More
Sometime ago, not sure when exactly, I shared on Google+ a track from German black metallers Krater who, in my opinion are most definitely worth to explore their possessing acts of blackness. So far, they have put out two pretty solid full-lengths (“Das Relikt des Triumphes” and “Nocebo”) and now they have announced a third one that is titled “Urere”, which continues to keep up the bestiality; a trademark for the band. Luckily, there is a track for you to listen to, so I recommend you to get prepared for aRead More
Temple of Oblivion - Traum und Trauma / support black metal
Time to dust off the recommended albums category with another awesome record that I meant to introduce for a very long time. I present you Temple of Oblivion’s second full-length “Traum und Trauma”, which continues to immerse the listener into an intense one hour long epic black metal storytelling. Temple of Oblivion originate from Germany and unlike most of the bands who circle arond satanic themes, they took another approach in terms of their lyrics. Their scripts are inspired by legends and events that occurred in the past, interpreted inRead More

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Mangel: black metal out of a student room

It’s not strange to anyone that producing music demands a lot of resources and a big part of them comes down to finances. Mangel is a one-man melodic black metal project, which is represented by Marcel Levermann (also known for being the lead guitarist and songwriter of German power metal band Involution). The self titled debut EP has been recorded in a small student room, even though one wouldn’t probably guess that because everything has been put together with enormous care. “Mangel” consists of four tracks that incorporate catchy guitarRead More
Nemesis Sopor - Glas / support black metal

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Nemesis Sopor – Glas

Atmospheric metal meets philosophy Although there’s plenty of time to wait til it would be appropriate to reflect on 2014’s harvest, I cannot restrain myself from exclaiming “Holy shit! What a hot year!” Being moved by my latest discovery from Dresden – Nemesis Sopor, I’m super excited to give you an insight about their new full-length “Glas” (Glass). Striking album with dense atmosphere. Cutting-edge production and demonstration of randomness, speaking of musicianship and vocal parties. Nemesis Sopor have outdone themselves on each stage of development. Besides the post-black & avant-gardeRead More
Audioseptic Black Punk Bastards! Saturday, June 7th 2014: Three festivals at one weekend (Wave Gotik Treffen, Rock im Park and Rock am Ring) and temperatures above 30° C, but nonetheless, about 80 Black Metalheads came to the Backstage Club in Munich to see four underground bands and have a good time. The first band was Munich-based duo Ewigeis (the name translates as “everlasting ice”, but is an artificial word in the German language that is not used this way). Last time I saw them playing as support to Von andRead More
There is more darkness than light. More darkness than life. Being alive means nothing more than searching for the meaning of human existence. – Aeons Confer, “Signals” I cannot recall when exactly I discovered Aeons Confer but it was by accident. Their music video “ESP“ crossed my sight and after listening to it for the first time, I was certain that I had to share it with you guys on SBM’s social pages. But that was all back then. After a long while I got back to Aeons Confer with their CD “Symphonies ofRead More
The Lords of Cold Nordafrost are one of those German Black Metal bands that have always succeeded in sticking out of the masses without having to be experimental or drifting off into the avant-garde. Launched in Hagen (Westphalia) in 1996, they committed themselves to Black Metal of Nordic coinage. In 2013, the long sold-out demo Dominus Frigoris (2002) was re-released via Godeater Records as digi-edition with six bonus tracks – and it’s a good pennyworth! The first half is, as said, the old Dominus Frigoris demo, and that’s first andRead More

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Shrike – Sieben

The Colours of Yearning As previously announced, Berlin based Black Metal formation Shrike have been very, very busy: In June 2013, they released their album Hinab in die vertraute Fremdheit, and not even a year later, Sieben (translates “Seven”), Shrike’s third album, hits the stores. The title refers to the seven years of band history Shrike can look back on, and Sieben should set new accents in their music. I had some problems with Hinab in die vertraute Fremdheit; getting their music wasn’t easy for me – with Sieben this was different, also because the album itself differs very much from theRead More
Don’t fear the darkness of those long winter nights   Abandoned Dreams are a Munich-based formation that produces an ultracomplex, very doomy sound they call “Blackened Doom Metal”. Founded in 2009, they shared stages with Agalloch, Fen and Inquisition, just to mention a few. In November 2013, they released their second album Isolation and Solitude, thus creating one heavy piece of darkness and despair! “If Yesterday was the last Day”, the opening song on Isolation and Solitude, starts immediately, without an intro, and pushes you over the edge and intoRead More