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Posted On November 11, 2015By LifeloverIn From the depths, News

From the depths: Zgard, Hoth and Kaosophia

It’s time to break the autumn silence with the new batch of kickass black metal that will get you into a very good mood, I am sure. Behold the brand new edition of From the depths featuring yet another three bands that take their deserved spot in the hall of fame, so to speak. Let’s cut to the chase.. Zgard Zgard can be described as the enchanting sound of the Carpathian legends that fascinate people from around the globe. This Ukrainian trio combines the severe essence of black metal withRead More
Today is a day that deserves a feast under ceremonial sounds because half a year later, the new From the depths installment is here! Putting aside the “dramatic” beginning of this article, I have prepared for you three special bands that originate from Sweden; one of the best places to look for quality black metal stuff. Let’s start with the first one! Grá I did say that these three selections are special for a reason. And that’s because Heljarmadr is the man behind the vocals in all of them. Grá (mixture of IslandicRead More
I hope you are ready for the new series of From the depths because we are going deeper into the underground where we meet three bands that are very distinctive from each other. This time instead of traveling to a single country, we are visiting three, so  get your headphones ready and buckle up for a darker trip.  Temple of Oblivion Our first destination is Germany. I’m very excited to introduce you Temple of Oblivion. This act has been present since 2006, one full-length released by now and lots of potentialRead More
Allow me to introduce you the brand category “FROM THE DEPTHS.” In here I am going to feature some the most underground bands ever; a perfect opportunity for you to listen to fresh stuff and enrich your collection eventually. With this being said, brace yourself because we are going on a long trip to Netherlands where we are meeting Tarnkappe, Walpurgisnacht and Kjeld.  Tarnkappe Tarnkappe is a creation of members who also take part in the respected dutch bands Salacious Gods and Lugubre. So far they only released a demo titled “TussenRead More