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Posted On February 28, 2016By LifeloverIn Interviews, News

Whispers of a dying Earth: An interview with Ende

Raw black metal has always had a special place in my life and therefore, I now would like to unveil an interview I had the pleasure to conduct with French band Ende, whose masterminds are also known for participating in Reverece. Streaming of both of Ende’s full-length albums is included in the article. Hello guys! Let me start this interview off in a little atypical way. Most if not all companies have a mission, vision and values working as a backbone that connects each of their business components. Interpreting thisRead More
I can’t believe that it’s been nearly one year since I premiered a preview of the new Sus Scrofa EP. What’s even more unbelievable is that the band resurrected after a deep 20 year slumber and finally made available their short but very promising work titled “Sinister Sylve.” Tha tracklist presents 4 songs in the vein of pagan black metal embellished with folk elements and dense atmosphere that will take you in the furthermost corners of an echanted forest. Here is a short description from Sus Scrofa about “Sinistre Sylve”: Sinistre SylveRead More

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A little late premiere: Ende – The Rebirth of I

Due to many circumstances, I kind of missed to present this great release on time, so please spare me. Ende’s sophomore album is a very special record that I personally expected for a long time and I do hope that you’ll get to like it as mich as I do. “The Rebith of I” embodies the raw nature of black metal with a pinch of ambience, which I find it to be a trademark for I.Luciferia’s (mastermind of Ende and Reverence) projects. Unfortunately, I did not find an official mediaRead More

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New album of Moonreich announced

French black metal act Moonreich announced that their third album “Pillars of Detest” is going to be released on September the 19th through Les Acteurs De L’Ombre. To spice this news even more, there is a mindblowing preview that you can listen to below. Meanwhile, pre-orders are already available on LADLO’s store below. For those among you who have just got familiar with Moonreich, you can check out their bandcamp HERE.  Follow Moonreich on Facebook. Pre-order: Box Set | Digipack Read More
Paramnesia - S/T / support black metal

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Paramnesia – S/T

As a person who’s obsessed with collecting CDs, one of the criteria I mark the chosen ones by, is the artwork. It must be convincing and expressing the music beneath the fancy packaging. The bond between the visual and the sonic components is vital. In this sense, I came across Paramnesia’s self titled debut album, whose cover art is truly captivating and captures completely the essence of it. “Paramnesia” was released through Les Acteurs De L’Ombre Productions (see The Great Old Ones – Tekeli-Li) earlier in 2014. It is outlinedRead More

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Listen to IV – Sanctii Tristhess by Mortifera

Not so long ago I announced the arrival of the new album by French black metal band Mortifera. Now, it is already out and best of all, it’s up for free streaming on Apparitia Recordings’ bandcamp below. You can purchase “IV – Sanctii Tristhess ” in digital (click on the bandcamp player) and CD format here. Note: Jewel case edition is released for South America under DRAKKAR Productions-South American Division.Read More

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Support Black Metal gives away two albums

Update: The giveaway has come to its end and below you can see the names of the winners.  Support Black Metal celebrates the first birthday of its existence with lots of beer and quality black metal. For the past time, SBM has grown from a simple Google+ page into an e-zine that strives to support talanted musicians from around the globe. This journey through the world of darkness have landed many valuable connections, friendships and last but definitely not the least, broadened my perspective in terms of musical versatility. AllRead More
darkenhöld - castellum / support black metal

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Darkenhöld – Castellum

Before getting into the core of this article, I’d like to begin by sending my special regards to Oliver of Ollo Promotion. Thanks to him I got to know Darkenhöld and their brand new full-length “Castellum”. Being a huge fan of French black metal, I pay close attention to what’s going on over there and try to track  (as much as possible) the emerging bands. Darkenhöld, however, managed to slip out of my sight and by the time I found out about them, these guys had made a 3rd album. Epicness of epic proportions DarkenhöldRead More
Cepheide - de silence et de suie / support black metal

Posted On October 2, 2014By LifeloverIn Albums, Atmospheric/Avant-garde

Cepheide – De Silence Et De Suie

Autumn melancholy For this article I have been inspired by the newborn French formation Cepheide and their demo “De Silence Et De Suie”(translates “Silence and Soot”). After years of practicing in the shadows, this band has gathered enough strength and courage to show what they got under their belt. Cepheide’s members come from different musical backgrounds and that is evident in their mixed sound of diverse inspirations. Unique in its own way, cold and drenched in melancholy, “De Silence Et De Suie” is a perfect companion for the Autumn days.  Usually IRead More
Incipient Chaos - Sulphur / support black metal

Posted On September 26, 2014By LifeloverIn Albums, Atmospheric/Avant-garde

Incipient Chaos – Sulphur

One way to consider your day as lucky is when you stumble upon a band that has literally come out of the blue and kicks major ass. In my case, I received a package from Mortis Humanae Productions with an unknown to me French band that turmed out to be a precious gem. I’ve mentioned in other album dissections that sometimes the quality of an artwork reveals whether the music is worth it or not. Incipient Chaos’s debut EP “Sulphur” falls under that category. An excellent piece of art that makesRead More