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Posted On September 3, 2014By NekristIn News

The Stone release first song from upcoming album

Serbian Black Metal flagship The Stone just gave us a glimpse on what is about to come: “Kamenolom” from their upcoming album Nekroza promises us a great new output: Nekroza is The Stone‘s  the seventh studio album and will be released on Octobre 1st via Folter Records – I am looking forward to that!   German fans, watch out: The Stone will play on the Bavarian Battle Winter 2015, taking place on January 10th 2015 in Rosenheim/Bavaria. See you there! Support The Stone: Facebook Homepage Folter Records Homepage Folter Records aufRead More

Posted On May 5, 2014By NekristIn Albums, Oldschool/Traditional

Isvind – Daumyra

A Blast from the Past Isvind are one of those really, really old Black Metal bands, founded in 1992 in Oslo under the name Ice Wind. After three demos and an EP, their first album Dark Waters Stir war released in 1996 – and then, silence fell upon Isvind. Seven years later, the split EP Kuldedød / Det Hedenske Norge came out – and then there was silence, again, until in 2011 the second album, Intent Lever, hit the shelves. Isvind had been reduced to a duo then, consisting ofRead More
Nihilistic Propaganda from Cuba To be fair: Cuba wasn’t exactly the center point of my personal Extreme Metal map – which is basically the understatement of the century: Cuba didn’t even appear on that map. Fortunately, one-man-project Narbeleth changes that with their second album A Hatred Manifesto, that is, in nuce, everything a Black Metal album should be: old school, grim, raw and as dark as night. Of course, you can see very clearly where A Hatred Manifesto comes from: for thirty minutes it screams “True Norwegian Black Metal” rightRead More
History is written by the victors. We are the voice of the dead. At first, I was sceptic: A band called The Committee presents a debut album entitled Power Through Unity with a cover like a propaganda poster? At once my brain produced pictures from the movie V for Vendetta, and as a trained sceptic towards any form of text I wasn’t that much impressed by the band’s statement that they had no political intentions whatsoever, but wanted to pay a tribute to all the name- and faceless dead whoRead More