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It’s good to be back to my very own place of murk and solitude after such a long pause! There have been many things to figure out, which obviously reflected on SBM but that’s life, you know. Nevertheless, throughout my silence, I’ve received a large number of submissions, which I could not cover entirely (not even close), but I’ve selected some to include in this little but sweet black metal retrospection. Note: I’ve mashed up already published releases and stuff that is to come out in the near future, soRead More
Firtan- Innenwelt

Posted On May 13, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Firtan – Innenwelt

Aspiring and highly prolific trio Firtan have released a new addition to their discography in the shape of a mini album that bears the title “Innenwelt.” This 2-pieces EP was recorded in Spring 2015 and traditionally for the band, it’s written in German (obey your master, master Google translate).  “Innenwelt” is available on CD and can be purchased from probably one of the best places for atmospheric black metal Northern Silence Productions HERE. Be aware, though, it’s limited to 500 pieces!  Listen to the 2nd track “Im Licht Meiner Sonne” courtesyRead More

Posted On December 25, 2014By LifeloverIn News

Top 20 black metal bands of 2014 that you should know

I’ve been itching to write an article of this type for ages and since this is SBM’s first yearly summary, I could not help myself but share this sweet list of top 20 black metal bands of 2014 that in my opinion you should know. Although, it was tough to limit myself to a bunch of examples, I tried my best to give you names that resolve around (almost) every sub-division of this genre, so that there’s something for every connoisseur of fine quality darkened art. No more talking, let’s listenRead More